Favorite Protein Bars

I usually recommend real whole food options for snacks, but sometimes we all need a quick grab-and-go bar! What do you like about your favorite protein bar? Do you look for anything in particular when choosing a bar?⁣

When buying protein bars I recommend checking for five things:⁣

1. Protein content: Everyone needs a different amount of protein. Bars higher in protein are more likely to keep you fuller for longer, but that doesn’t mean those with lower protein should be over looked. My favorites have between 10-20 g of protein which is perfect for a snack!⁣

2. Added Sugars: Fortunately most labels show added sugar on the nutrition facts now. It’s under carbohydrates if you’re looking. You will also see sugar here, which usually comes from dried fruit in your bar so you don’t need to worry about this. I always aim for less than 10 g of added sugar, but all of these have less than 6 g!⁣

3. Ingredients: Some bars have a crazy long list of ingredients and that doesn’t always bother me. I have some bars that I like that have a few ingredients and some have a lot! Most “scary” sounding ingredients are just chemical names for complete normal ingredients. The main thing to check is that the first ingredient isn’t some form of sugar! Ingredients are listed by the amount in the product, so the higher up in the list, the higher amount in the food. Some bars have artificial sweeteners which are safe to eat as long as you are not consuming them in excessive amounts. I also look for partially-hydrogenated oils because that means trans fat which everyone should avoid!⁣

4. Fiber: Fiber helps keep you full and satisfied especially when paired with protein. My favorited bars have at least 3 g of fiber.

5. Taste: They have to taste good! To me this is just as important as the nutrition! It could be the healthiest bar, but if it doesn’t taste good I’m not eating it!⁣

These are my current favorite protein bars, in no particular order:⁣

Kind Protein⁣ Bar
12 g protein
6 g added sugar
5 g fiber
Great source of healthy fats and fiber

Quest Hero⁣
16 g protein
1 g added sugar
11 g fiber
Does contain artificial sweeteners

Orgain Protein Snack Bar⁣
10 g protein
2 g added sugar
3 g fiber
Does contain artificial sweeteners

One bar⁣
20 g protein
1 g added sugar
5 g fiber
Contains artificial sweeteners
*These are my favorite tasting bars

12 g protein
0 g added sugar
5 g fiber
The best, simple ingredients

Leave any questions you have about bars in the comments or share your favorite bar!

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