High Protein Pesto Marinara Sausage Cavatappi

Sure zoodles are good, but actual pasta is so much better. I prefer combining pasta with veggies to make a much more satisfying, filling, and nutritious dinner.⁣

This sauce combination makes this dish. If you’ve never mixed marinara and pesto for your sauce, you’re missing out! Even if you don’t make this recipe, I highly recommend trying it.⁣⁣

Nutrition and cooking tips:⁣⁣
+Bean-based and whole wheat pasta have more protein and fiber than regular pasta.
+When buying marinara or pasta sauce, check the ingredients and find one with no added sugar.⁣⁣
+Adding veggies into a pasta dish is a good way to add extra nutrients and feel like you’re eating more pasta!⁣
+Sprinkling zucchini with salt before cooking helps to draw water out so it doesn’t get soggy.


High Protein Pesto Marinara Sausage Cavatappi

What you need:
8 oz bean-based or whole wheat pasta, I used @eatbanza cavatappi⁣⁣
4 chicken Italian sausage, sliced into coins (can sub veggie Italian sausage if desired)⁣⁣
2 large zucchini, chopped in 3/4 inch pieces⁣⁣
Avocado oil, enough to coat pan⁣⁣
1/2 tbsp garlic herb seasoning⁣⁣
About 2/3 jar marinara, look for one with no sugar added⁣⁣
1/4 cup pesto⁣⁣
Parmesan cheese for serving⁣⁣
What you do:
1. Cook pasta according to package.⁣⁣
2. Chop zucchini. Place in a bowl and sprinkle with salt. Toss and set aside.⁣⁣
3. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Slice sausage. Add sausage to pan and cook until browned, stirring occasionally. Remove sausage from pan and set aside. ⁣⁣
4. Keep same pan over medium heat to cook zucchini. Add a small amount of avocado oil to pan.⁣⁣
5. Drain water from zucchini bowl and pat zucchini dry with towel. Add zucchini to pan. Sprinkle with garlic herb seasoning. Sauté until desired doneness, stir frequently. I cooked mine about 8 minutes. ⁣⁣
6. Heat marinara and pesto over medium/low heat. I used the same pan that I used to cook the pasta to save dishes.⁣⁣
7. Combine pasta, sausage, zucchini and sauce together. Stir gently to combine.⁣⁣
8. Top with Parmesan cheese to serve.⁣⁣

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